Health Assessments

health assessment tMatraville Medical Complex offer all our patients that are eligible a health assessment.

There are several health assessments available:

Healthy Kids check - This is a review of a 4 year old or school ready child. This is done by our practice nurse. The healthy kids check consists of the nurse going through if the child is up to date with all vaccinations, family history, medical and social history, eating habbit’s, allergies, weight and height, eye sight, hearing, oral health and toilet habbit’s. If there are any concerns or recommendations referrals will be made. A Doctor will sign off on this.

Diabetes risk assessment - This is for patients who are between 40-49, who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This can be done once every 3 years. The nurse will ask several questions, Family history, history of blood pressure, smoking status, eating habbits, physical activity, waist measurements etc……… You will be scored and assessed on your final score. A Dr will sign off on this.

45-49 year old health check - This is an in-depth assessment of the patients overall health. It also identifies any risks of chronic disease or if the patient has any chronic diseases. And intervention will be recommended. This health assessment can only be done once.

75+ health assessment - This is an in-depth assessment of an older patient. This is performed by our practice nurse. You will be asked your overall health status, if any issues they will be discussed, family and care arrangements, blood pressure, mini mental will be performed, your current immunisation status, physical and daily activity, social status. This assessment can be done annually.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (715) - Offered to all patients that identify as being ATSI. This is an in depth assessment. It is done so the patient can receive optimum healthcare and for early detection. This will help reduce and prevent serious illness. This is performed by our pratice nurse. They will go through your overall health, talk about risk factors, allergies, social history, physical and family history. And if there are any risks referrals will be made.


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